Top 10 Tips For Getting Tangled Free Hair

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Can you identify yourself with the below picture? Is this what your hair looks like every time you shampoo? Then you need to save your hair from the torture of getting tangled.

Tangled hair mostly bothers women with long, thin hair. If your hair is dry/ damaged, they are prone to getting intertwined with each other because of the rough surface. Smooth hair, with sealed cuticles, are less likely to get entangled.

Top Tips For Tangle Free Hair:

Below are some tips that can save you from tangled hair troubles

Tip 1:

Get your hair trimmed: If you have damaged hair, they are all the more likely to get tangled. The key is to get the damaged portions chopped off, so that you are left with smooth hair (well, mostly)

Tip 2:

Use a conditioner after shampoo: religiously condition your hair every time after shampoo. Follow the instructions on the conditioner bottle properly to get the maximum benefits from a conditioner. Check out Sunsilk Damaged hair reconstruction conditioner, or L’Oreal Paris Smooth Intense Smoothing Conditioner

Tip 3:

Oil your hair tangles regularly: Oiling hair regularly using warm oil, followed by wrapping up the hair with a hot towel, ensures deep conditioning. The hair cuticles get repaired, and moisture is sealed into the hair. Hair damage will get repaired/ minimised with regular use, and damage free hair will tangle less.

Tip 4:

When your hair is tangled, instead of using a comb/ hair brush, get rid of the knots using your fingers. Run your fingers through your hair. This will get rid of most of the knots in the first place. The idea is to be gentle with your hair.

Tip 5:

Use a wide-toothed comb made up of natural materials, like wood: this will minimise the build-up of static energy, and will keep your hair smooth. Avoid using hair-brush on wet hair, as it is most likely to lead to further knotting.

Tip 6:

To detangle a knot, start at the bottom of the knot and tease downwards. Never pull two sections of hair apart to detangle them.

Tip 7:

Use a leave-in conditioner or hair serum after shampoo. Check out John Frieda Frizz Ease Hair Serum or Matrix Biolage Hydratherapie hair serum or Livon hair serum. Serums have to be used after towel drying but before combing the hair.

Tip 8:

Use a satin pillow-case for your pillow. This will minimise the build up of static energy in your hair while you sleep. Avoid using cotton pillow-cases.

Tip 9:

Washing your hair while it is loose is not recommended. Instead, wash your hair in braided sections to minimize tangling. You can wash your in twists, unless done small or medium, tend to unravel during a wash. Thus, braids may be a better option for some naturals.

Tip 10:

During your regular detangling sessions, use a cholesterol-based or other thick, heavy conditioner to ease the process.  The conditioner will add weight to the hair thus stretching the coils temporarily. Some naturals prefer detangling on dry, stretched, lubricated hair since wet strands can lead to shrinkage.

Follow the above-mentioned tips to get smooth, tangle-free hair.



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