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Hair gel is a versatile product that can add volume to your mane, tame the wild curls or give your style a hold. But, you must remember the fact that the wrong gel can give you bad and scrunchy hair. Remember to always apply gel on wet hair; comb and brush your hair for the stylish hair ever.

1. Park Avenue Chrome Styling Gel:

Park Avenue Chrome Styling Hair Gel for women comes in a golden colored pot. The texture of the gel is smooth, sticky and transparent, and it is colorless. It has a strong smell that fades with time. It holds your hair strong without leaving any residue. This also adds extra shine and style to the hair.

2. Biotique Bio Wave Fresh Hair Styling Gel:

Biotique Bio Wave Fresh Hair Styling Gel doesn’t contain alcohol. It contains a blend of seaweed, musk root and centella extracts for molding and accentuating your hair style. This gel gives your hair a sleek, buoyant and wet look to hold its shape for many hours. Apply a small amount to damp or dry hair. Comb through and style.

3. Set Wet Hair Styling Gel – Wet Look:

The Set Wet Hair Styling Gel can give you the perfect mafia look or that of the suave casanova. This gel does not harm the natural texture of the hair and enhances your look and hairstyle. It spreads easily and helps to get smooth and soft hair easily. It doesn’t lead to hair fall and breakage but keeps it conditioned with hydration.

4. Boots Essentials Extra Firm Hold Hair Styling Gel:

This gel gives long lasting definition and invisible hold to your hair. The gel is non sticky and it spreads evenly for easy application. It is lightweight and protects from heat styling, smoothes away frizz, boosts volume and brushes out easily without flakiness.

Jolen Hair Gel gives the best look to colored and spiked hair. It is a non-greasy and non-sticky gel meant to hold your hair firm to last long. It is alcohol-free and dandruff-resistant. It nourishes and conditions the hair without making it dry and frizzy, and also gives a smooth and shiny look.

6. Schwarzkopf Super Soft Maximum Hold Hair Spray:

Schwarzkopf Super Soft Maximum Hold Hair Spray gives maximum hold and a 10-carat shine effect for all types of hair. It gives hold, shine and comes in a non-sticky formula for long lasting soft hair. This has a special super soft formulation with UV-filters that protect the hair against the sun, wind and humidity throughout the day.


7. Gatsby Hair Styling Wax Tough and Shine:

Gatsby Hair Styling Wax Tough and Shine can make your styling easy. It is the perfect solution for restyling your hair every time. This gel is easy to apply and gives a natural shine to the hair. It has solid styling power and has a citrusy fragrance.


8. Garnier Fructis Style Strong Styling Gel:

Garnier Fructis Style Strong Styling Gel gives an ultra-strong and long lasting hold especially for men. It gives a precise style for more intense look. Take a small amount of gel and apply evenly on damp or dry hair. It is easy to wash and can be brushed out easily.


9. Gatsby Water Gloss – Hard:

This hair gel sets on the hair without leaving an oily texture. It stays for a long time and can be easily rinsed with water. It is smooth in texture and is non-sticky so it holds the hair firmly. It gives a wet look and sets your hair as you desire!


10. Nova Hard Hold Hair Styling Gel – Aloe Vera:

It has a good staying power for up to 12 hrs. It contains milk protein that provides a tonic effect to the hair for its growth and strength. Its emollients keep your hair and scalp healthy.

Aloe Vera in the gel provides deep conditioning for your scalp and moisture for your hair so that it looks silky and shiny smooth. It also increases the availability of oxygen to the scalp and strengthens skin tissue.


Hope this helps you to pick up the best hair gel for the stylish looking mane!



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