7 Side Effects Of Hair Smoothing You Should Be Aware Of

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There are various treatments an individual can adopt to improve the quality of the hair, but everyone needs to be very careful while selecting the products as every person has a different type of braid. Just after a shampoo, it gets arduous to control the hair and if an individual has dry and frizzy hair, it gets even more out of control. For people possessing dry, frizzy, curly hair there are few remedies like smoothing and straightening of the braid. In the smoothing, the hair gets silkened and soft leaving behind the natural structure. An individual with dead hair can adopt such methods to get away with hair problems. These methods when adopted can help an individual attain beautiful hair and helps to get away with tangles at the end of the braid. An individual must be very careful and observant while they select products to enhance the quality of the hair as there are a lot of methods which can be adopted by a person to go for such processes.

Hair Smoothing Side Effects:

As the techniques and methods of enhancing the quality of the hair are very attractive, an individual gets attracted towards these processes. It is further highly recommended by the physicians not to adopt such methods on a routine basis since they are detrimental to the hair in the future.

1. Causes Dizziness, Nausea, Affects Eyes & Larynx:

In the process of smoothing of the hair, the chemicals and the materials used during the process might cause dizziness and nausea to an individual. The burning sensation might be felt towards the eyes of an individual and itchiness of the larynx might take place. When there is an application of the warm solution a protection should be used.

2. Chemicals Seep into the Scalp Modifying the Hair Cells:The texture and the structure of the hair changes due to the usage of strong and injurious chemicals and substances. The usage of such compounds tends to modify the cells inside the hair and they seep into the body through the scalp of the head.

3. Over Application of Serum Turns Hair Oily:
The serums and the lotions available in the markets for making the hair smooth do not always render the desired results. The side effects of smoothing hair with them are many. The application of serum towards arid hair is not recommended, while an application of it towards wet braid is recommended. The application of serums in huge quantities may flatten the braid and make the hair oleaginous.

4. Affects Fingers & Inflames Mid Scalp:Due to an extensive use of fingers, the muscles around the fingers may get weakened and during the process of hair smoothing the hair may tend to get inflamed from the mid scalp.

5. Weakens & Thins Hair:

Losing out hair in minimal quantities due to hormonal changes is very normal because every individual tends to lose fifty to hundred strands of hair each day. The usage of various chemicals the hair tends to get weakened and thinned. The thinning of the hair may cause a serious problem as the roots tend to get loosened up and naturally the hair tends to detach itself from the roots.

6. Skin & Lung Related Problems:

The treatments of hair smoothing may cause various types of skin and lungs problems. The compound known as aldehyde cannot be termed as carcinogen and causes various harmful effects. The irritation and discomfort caused towards the eyes, epidermis may be harmful in the future. The usage of chemicals might lead to breathing problems affecting the respiratory system of a person.

7. Origin of Dandruff:

Due to these methods there is an excessive use of toxic chemicals and these toxic chemicals cause the scalp to get arid and make it very prone to get cracked. Due to the dryness and excessive use of chemicals and heat, the scalp gets very itchy and this leads to the growth of dandruff.



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