6 Simple Treatments For Dandruff On Eye Lashes & Eye Brows


Did you know that you could have dandruff on your eyelashes too? Yes, it is true, such a condition is known to be severe enough and if you do not treat it at the earliest, it could lead to lashes falling off.

What is this condition?

Did you know that you could have dandruff on your eyelashes too? Now this is a huge turn off, isn’t it? There may be itchy flakes on your lashes that may occur due to different reasons. If you are suffering from this condition, it is time to bid goodbye to this menace forever.

Causes of Dandruff on Eyelashes:

The appearance of flakes on the lashes could be due to:

  • Blepharitis: In this condition dandruff like scales appear on the eyelashes. It is not contagious.
  • Seborrhea dermatitis: Dandruff scales appear on eyelashes and eyebrows. It is difficult to determine the exact cause of dandruff. It could be attributed to junk food and less water intake .This toxic routine leads to skin problems and clogged pores on the lash line.

It is a common affliction and there is nothing to worry about. We must ensure proper treatment and the condition clears up quite soon. In most of the cases home remedies help us get rid of the itchy flakes. We must as always keep in mind that:

  • The eye area is extremely delicate.
  • Avoid getting harsh chemicals into your eyes.
  • Do not use your anti dandruff shampoos on your lashes.

6 Simple and Effective Treatments for Dandruff on Eyelashes:

There are innumerable home treatments for treating dandruff on eyelashes. Here are few precautionary measures you must take:

  • Do a patch test before doing anything near the eyes.
  • Consult your doctor immediately if you feel any sort of irritation.

1. Drugstore Soaps:

You can try to get rid of this problem by washing your face with a drug store soap which contains either tea tree oil or pyrithione zinc. These soaps help fight yeast germs which are a cause and contributor to the dandruff formation. Ensure that you do not get the soap into your eyes. You can prepare a diluted solution and wash off quickly. In case the soap enters the eye, then rinse your eye till you get adequate relief

2. Baby Shampoo:

Use diluted baby shampoo with cotton swabs to clean lower and upper lash lines. Do this at least 4-5 times for each of the lash lines for faster results. Again, keep your eyes closed and rinse off immediately.

3. Almond Oil Massage:

For excessive dryness of the eyelids, massage with warm almond oil before going to bed at night. This will also help restore, revive and re-grow your lashes that may be falling due to dandruff formation. In fact my mom used to massage my eyes with almond oil when I was a kid and it really helped my lashes grow.

4. Maintain Eyelid and Lashes Hygiene:

Ensure that there is no makeup buildup on the eyes. Maintain a healthy Cleansing routine to avoid any makeup and dirt buildup on the eyes. This debris stimulates the glands leading to more dandruff. Invest in ophthalmologically tested eye makeup removers to remove makeup

5. Have a Healthy Diet:

Eat fresh vegetables and fruit juices. Avoid caffeine, alcohol and junk oily food intake. Instead, have boiled vegetable diet for better results and ensure you consume at least 8-10 glasses of water.

These home remedies will help you attack the dandruff. However, if you don’t see any results then you should consult a dermatologist. This is to ensure that you get the right care.

6. Consult your Ophthalmologist:

Consult your doctor for antibiotic drops and ointments.

A Few Tips to Follow:

  1. Never use lemon juice on the lash line because it may irritate the eyes.
  2. Pyrithione zinc stings . Ensure that you don’t get it into your eyes.
  3. Apply a warm water-soaked cloth on to your eyelids. This helps in removing oil buildup and dirt. A cleaner eyelid will accumulate less dandruff.
  4. Visit an ophthalmologist for eye drops and eye ointment if everything else fails. Do not self medicate.

Hope this article helps you avoid unwanted dandruff on eyelashes. Take good care of your eyes as they are your window to see the beautiful world around you.



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