Your hair is

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Hair care

Many factors influence the health of your hair, from genetics to diet, the weather, and pollution. Taking good care of your hair is critical to maintaining your crowning glory. Find out how to take proper care of it to keep your mane a head above the rest.

Hair Loss

Around one-third of women have experienced hair loss sometime in their lives. Mainly due to hormonal changes, it can severely affect a woman’s emotional well-being and quality of life. Learn what are the options to treat it and get advice on what to do.

Hair growth

Hair grows about 1/2 inch per month on average, although it depends on age, hair type, and your overall health. Hair growth is controlled at the cellular level in the body, so being healthy is one of the most important factors. 

26 Top Tips For Long Hair – A Definitive Guide

Our hair is the crowning glory of our looks, both literally and figuratively. Long, gorgeous, and healthy tresses are every girl’s dream, but most of us end up hating our dull and lifeless hair. Owing to our hectic, modern lifestyle, which includes everyday stress...

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Hair Care After Rain Drench

We all have our own reasons to look forward to the monsoon. Getting drenched happens to be on the top of that list. As much as we love it, getting wet in the rain is one of the most ignored causes of damage to our hair. It makes it especially difficult to keep your...

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Hair Straightening Cream – Our Top 18

Curls and frizz are a lot of work. Not only is curly hair super hard to maintain, but it also tends to look really bad when not cared for the right way. And with our busy schedules, it’s next to impossible to make enough time for hair care. That’s where hair...

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Does Heat Protectant Really Save Your Hair?

Two of the worst things you can do to your hair are heat styling and bleaching, and a lot of us are guilty of both. Curling, straightening or crimping basically spell out one thing – DAMAGE. That being said, it is sometimes hard to walk out your house with your...

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How To Use Beer For Hair Growth?

Why does hair growth have to take so long? This is one question that I’ve asked myself more times than I can remember. And anyone who’s trying to grow their hair can agree that idly sitting by and waiting for your hair to grow is one of the most painful tasks one...

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12 Simple Black Hair Care Tips

If you have natural black locks, congratulations! You have the most desired hair color in the world. Many think that their hair is natural black but in fact, it is a dark brown shade. There are several myths regarding black hair, and one such myth is that black...

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Hi, I'm Sophia and welcome to my blog.

I have always been obsessed with hair. I have wavy, frizzy hair and I've been straigtening it since I was 12. I have changed my hair at least a hundred times over the years, trying new colors and tones, and falling victim of that 'new trendy haircut'. But after all, I realised it doesn't matter how you hair is, as long as it is HEALTHY.

I created this blog to share everything that I have learned about how to care for your hair and to help others who need a hand finding the best tips and products.

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you find something to help you along the way.



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